Be Like Jane - Magoebaskloof Music Video

In the summer of 2016 my two friends called me up and asked me if I wanted to play bass in a new music project. I recall envisioning what the music the 3 of us can create together have the potential of sounding, I immediately said yes.

We came up with the name Be Like Jane and started to work on our first single. We spent a few days with our friend Dave Grevler from Anti Motion Studios in JHB and sooner than later our first single "Night Owl" was done and ready to be heard by everyone else.

We really wanted to do a music video and the guys were kind enough to leave that completely in my hands. I decided on a story and location. Soon we got everything ready and were headed straight for Magoebaskloof, not only to shoot, but to just be there and enjoy a little time away from Gauteng. 

A big thank you to Jean & Anesca who played the two beautiful people in this video, not only are they super close friends, they are newly married!!

This video serves two purposes

1. As a cinematic and visual treat for the viewer
2. To share a deep and almost hidden message of acceptance- for the people enjoying the deeper meanings in life. But ill leave that for you to figure out.

Lastly, if you enjoy this music video, please share it with the people around you.