Wilderness Wedding - Louise & Johan. Hoekwil, Western Cape. Garden Route.

When Louise & Johan told me they want me to take their photos and that the wedding will take place in Hoekwil, Wilderness, I danced around a bit in my office (my office is also my kitchen counter). I still remember thinking by myself, this wedding is going to be FANTASTIC and little did I know I was completely accurate with that statement.

Wilderness is one of the best places in South Africa, and it’s absolutely wonderful for weddings. The calmness that Hoekwil brings to ones soul was perfect for Louise & Johan; they are beautiful human beings, they have a very deep calm loving energy that flows back and forth between them. I believe you will be able to witness it in these photographs.

I am honoured to have documented this wedding day in the Garden Route for amazing people. Thank you Louise & Johan!

Venue: Oakhurst Farm Cottages
Cake: Blissful Delight
Furniture & Equipment: ISP Group
Catering: Wilderness Weddings
Music: Rewind